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3 Ways to make your Hair Grow Healthier and Longer

Hello Friends! For real natural hair is sweeping the nation and it seems like most Nigerian women are getting in on the movement and are ditching their relaxers and chemical strengthening kits to embrace the trend. The natural hair movement has gained momentum and even adopted by some notable celebrities such as: Nse Ikpe, Omoni Oboli, Yemi Alade, Belinda Effah, Yvonne Nelson, Lydia For son, Juliet Ibrahim,Uche Jumbo,Choima chukwuka, and even more. 3 Ways to make your Hair Grow Healthier & Longer I have been natural for about three years now and before, there was a lot of trial and error involved: emphasis on error. I wanted my hair to grow long and healthy but I wasn’t equipping myself with the three habits necessary to get it there. You don’t need millions of products, thousands of tools, or even a personal hair stylist. You can grow long, healthy, strong, and beautiful hair, no matter your starting point or texture. Start implementing these habits and your hair will prosper! When you decide to grow your own hair, the first step Know about your own hair is to learn about natural hair AND your own hair, because it is unique from any...

Major Ingredients that Stimulate Hair Growth

Major Ingredients that Stimulate Hair Growth The interesting thing about staying  natural is getting  good results, this can only be achieved when proper care and time is given to the hair . There may be ways to help stimulate hair growth. Check out these options to give your curls extra encouragement on major Ingredients that Stimulate Hair Growth. Aloe Vera This mega hair growth stimulant is jam-packed with more than 20 minerals and an abundance of vitamins like A, C, and E (just to name a few). It helps hair grow by reducing the overproduction of sebum — an oily substance that your scalp secretes. Excessive sebum can slow hair growth by clogging your pores. Because it is an antibacterial, aloe vera works by zapping that oily build-up and allowing your pores to breathe. Tip: Experiment with both aloe vera gel and juice by making a daily growth spritz. You can add whichever essential oils you prefer, but follow the basic recipe here. Spray that onto your trouble areas and massage with your finger tips. Peppermint Oil With a fresh aroma, this strongly concentrated oil must be diluted before applying the scalp. It penetrates the scalp and stimulates the hair follicle, allowing...

How to stretch the Natural Hair

How to stretch the Natural Hair By Jaybushkinky… It’s quite annoying to stay natural for good number of years even avoid chemicals and chemical strengthening agents only to see your hair all shrunk to something stagnant. Shrinkage is one of the major problems of natural hair; this is hair that has shrunk in its appearance thereby reducing the length of the hair. It is well known that black hair type 4c especially in its natural state can shrink up to 90 percent of its actual length. Stretching the hair has many benefits that are important for those looking to retain length: It decreases single strand knots, which decreases breakage and split ends. It decreases tangles since your hair won’t wrap around itself as much in a stretched state. Methods of stretching the Natural Hair Using Rollers These are tiny plastics rings used to wrap the hair to stretch and achieve curls. Flexi Rods, Perm Rod and Curlformers also serve the same purpose, it an excellent method for women who are transitioning to natural because it smooth out your curly strands Using a Straightening Brush to Stretch Natural Hair. Being a proud naturalista for 3 years now, the last thing I...

Tips on major  Ingredients that Stimulate Hair Growth

Tips on major  Ingredients that Stimulate Hair Growth: Blend or chop onions and then strain the juice. Apply to your hair for 15 min. and then wash thoroughly. • Apple Cider Vinegar as one of the major Ingredients that Stimulate Hair Growth When your scalp is battling build-up, trying to get your curls to grow is an uphill battle. Product build-up, dirt, and grime all contribute to disrupting your scalp’s natural pH levels and effecting growth. Restore balance and stimulate hair growth with an ACV rinse following your shampoo. It will leave your hair soft and give it shine. Create a mixture of half ACV and half water. Pour this over your scalp after shampooing. Massage into your scalp and rinse out with cold water. •  Eggs Eggs are full of all of the major essential vitamins and minerals (except for C) including zinc, iron and selenium. Try beating an egg and applying it to your hair in order to increase oxygen and blood production to the scalp. This application also assist in healthy cell division. Rinse it out after 20 minutes with cold water (warm water makes it curdle and stick to your hair) and shampoo.  Give it a...

Product Review

Product review: Now let the count down begin! ORS Lock & Twist Gel When you open the container, you’ll see a white, jelly-like substance with minimal smell, so if you’re sensitive to scents, you’ll probably like this. The fragrance is practically non-existent so it won’t clash with other scents on your hair and won’t overwhelm you. The Lock & Twist Gel is thick and feels like jelly, but absorbs easily and clearly in your hands and hair. It’s non-sticky and non-coating, which is important when you apply them to locs. You want products that absorb into the hair and not sit on top of it, flake or coat it heavily (like beeswax would). You also want your twists, locs or coils to move freely, which this gel allows them to do. The amount you use depends on the thickness of your hair, but you don’t have to use an excessive amount to get satisfactory hold. For each medium-sized twist section I used it on, I applied about a dime-size amount. If you need to freshen up a style, you can apply more gel, which soaks into your hair much like water. I think this would be a good product for...

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