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This will guide you on how create 4 different types of shampoo depending on your hair type, porosity level and your current hair issues, scalp cleanser, hair butter, growth oil , 6 leave in conditioners and 8 best treatments suitable for your hair


  Knowing how to keep natural hair from drying out can make the difference between dull and unruly hair and soft, touchable hair. And to prevent your hair from becoming dry, it’s important to keep it properly moisturized. The conditioner you used during dry season may not keep your hair moisturized throughout. Things you need to know: You need to moisturize your hair more frequently or change your conditioner altogether. So this is why sealing moisture into the hair is so important because it prevents the moisture from evaporating from the hair shaft. Just like some lotions need to be applied more frequently, the same applies to your hair. If you want the healthiest hair possible, it’s important to know how to keep natural hair moisturized. Depending on your hair type and how dry it is, this can range from daily touch ups to every few days. If you notice that your hair is dry the next day, it’s easy to add more moisture by spraying the hair with a little water. Mixing a little aloe vera juice adds more moisture than water can provide by itself. After moisturizing, be sure to seal it in with your favorite oil. It’s...


To determine what your hair type is, there are various systems that help people classify their curl patterns. It is important to know your hair type. This will help you to know how to build a healthy hair regimen, the right product to use and how to care for your hair.  If your hair is oily, dry, or “normal.” It’s important to match your hair growth oil with your type of hair. Many hair oils work for all hair types but it’s a good idea to find an oil that’s suitable for your kind of hair type – whether it’s dry, frizzy, or oily. Choose your oil wisely if there’s a specific hair issue you want to target. The structure of your hair As you probably know, there are several natural hair types, and each of them has its own special demands in terms of hair care. If you are struggling to figure out which type of hair you have, or you have no idea how to care for your specific type, we have prepared some tips for you that will make your life easier and your hair healthier. Hair type Hair types are divided into four categories: straight, wavy,...

Hair Smoothening at Home – 8 Natural Methods — Health and beauty group

How to do Hair Smoothening at Home – 8 Natural Methods – Smooth, silky hair is every girl’s dream! But some of us have really frizzy and curly hair which becomes too difficult to comb and style as desired. In such scenarios, we opt for professional hair treatments, like hair smoothening or hair straightening. However, […] via Hair Smoothening at Home – 8 Natural Methods — Health and beauty group

How to manage two strand twist

Twist styles are low maintenance, and it’s easy to wash your hair while twisted! Many set styles have to be wrapped or pin-curled at night. Some of the common ones include twist, braids, bantu knot outs and straight styles. These styles cannot easily be moisturized daily. Understanding how often your hair needs moisture will help you choose natural hairstyles This delicate hairstyle needs gentle care to ensure it does not unravel or become frizzy. In order to keep twists looking their best, shampoo and condition your hair every 2 weeks and dry wash in between water washes. Drying your hair completely and applying natural oils to the twists will help to keep your twists looking their best. After washing use a towel to absorb any excess water. Gently pat your twists with a towel, starting with the scalp and moving down to the ends of the twists. Use your towel to lightly squeeze the end of the twists to remove any drops of water. Avoid rubbing the twists as this can make them frizzy

Natural hair growth challenge with Castor oil and Onion juice

Hello hair lover, Onion juice is a great method to boosting hair growth . Onion juice for hair growth has received great reviews online from users with noticeable before and after results.Onion juice helps improve hair growth by boosting the level of an antioxidant enzyme .It can be used with any organic oil to boost growth.So today our oil combination will be Castor oil. We started with Castor oil so I’m sure by now you have your Castor oil to continue this challenge.Castor Oil And Onion Juice For Hair GrowthBlend your onion or grate it, extract the juice then follow this process. Mix the castor oil and onion juice until you get a well-combined mixture. Apply this mixture onto your scalp and gently massage your scalp in circular motions. Leave the oil on for about an hour Wash your hair with a mild shampoo To participate, join us via this Link https://chat.whatsapp.com/Icse6fyRgQl5xpFaAgfYb4 Drop a comment let’s groove the natural world. I love meeting new natural hair lover. You I’m sure you won’t regret hanging around my team.

Natural hair growth challenge with Castor oil

Our growth challenge starts today with castor oil challenge. I have been applying castor oil to my egdes couple of days. It does help my edges stay full, soft, moisturized and slicked down. Today, castor oil remains a popular natural treatment for common conditions like constipation and skin ailments and is commonly used in natural beauty products. Castor oil is a vegetable oil pressed from castor beans. . Castor oil is a widely popular carrier oil for beard care for the same reasons it is popular for hair . There are various types of Castor oil, black Jamaican Castor oil is popular but more expensive. White Castor oil is still very effective for hair growth and less expensive, to be part of this challenge, with less than N700 you can purchase your white castor oil from any drug store close to you. This oil will be apply on the scalp through out the days of our challenge. Please if you are ready to grow your edges and hair in general, please participate.

Natural hair growth challenge

Welcome to my blog where you can simply start grooming your own hair and create home made organic product for your hair. For this few weeks i will be here, to give you the best tips , secret in growing a healthy natural hair and to achieve the best results while getting it done at home. Starting from today and few months to come I will focus primarily on building a healthy hair regimen. This regimen will evolve the use of organic, home made treatment, protective styling and documenting my hair progress. You all are welcome as we begin our 30 day hair growth challenge! Full practical and training proper on how to create home made conditioner, shampoo and moisturizer starts middle of February, the date will be communicated to us. A lot will come with discouraging comments ..However many who partake in the class will definitely thank us later. Detail of the hair tips will be posted daily.

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