Natural hair growth challenge

Welcome to my blog where you can simply start grooming your own hair and create home made organic product for your hair.

For this few weeks i will be here, to give you the best tips , secret in growing a healthy natural hair and to achieve the best results while getting it done at home.

Starting from today and few months to come I will focus primarily on building a healthy hair regimen.
This regimen will evolve the use of organic, home made treatment, protective styling and documenting my hair progress. You all are welcome as we begin our 30 day hair growth challenge!
Full practical and training proper on how to create home made conditioner, shampoo and moisturizer starts middle of February, the date will be communicated to us.

A lot will come with discouraging comments ..However many who partake in the class will definitely thank us later.

Detail of the hair tips will be posted daily.

Don't leave, share your natural hair experience