Successful hair Growth Regimen

I have been growing my natural hair for 3 years. As my hair grew longer the regimen has changed, but very slightly. The products that I have used are all the same, but the amounts have changed as well as the amount of days I wash, condition, style my hair, etc.

I have been using a basic regimen and I have seen amazing results!

The Basic Regimen that I have been using, which is when I have seen the greatest amount of growth as well as the fastest amount of growth is as follows:

My Hair Growth Regimen:
1) I shampoo and condition my hair bi-weekly or once a month (depending on if I think it is dirty or not)
2) I wash my hair, with water only, 2 times a month. Not consistently.
3) I style my hair once a month.
4) I use my shea butter mixture (to massage on the bald/thin areas of my scalp, daily)
5) I also use my shea butter mixture to and kakar oil to retain moisture in my hair after washing or when I moisturize my hair.
6) I also apply coconut oil, when I feel like it needs it.
7) I do a Hot Oil Treatment once a month or every other month (depending on if my hair needs it or not)

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