Featured Naturalista: Edidiong Ani Ekpo

Hi there, i hope you are doing well. I am excited about today’s hair feature. Edidiong Ani Ekpo (fro_with_ediblush) is a naturalista with an amazing hair journey. Whether you are relaxed, transitioning or a naturalista, I am sure you will learn a lot from her. She is a teacher, a make up artist and a proud Mother of two, join us as she shares her natural hair journey story, recommendations, tips, failures, and success.
Our correspondent: 1. Why natural hair?
Edidiong: I have always dreaded the idea of puting relaxers on my hair ( I hate the process) so I just had to stop.
2. ‎ Looking at how long and hard it is to maintain natural hair, what motivates you to keep going with the decision?
Edidiong : Lots of naturalistas motivates me. I saw that they are actually surviving in the journey. So I said to myself *why can’t I* plus I love how I look on my natural hair.
3. What is your natural hair care routine like?
Edidiong: ‎It’s simple. I Prepoo then wash and condition every two weeks, and I follow the LOC method judiciously. Infact I keep my hair moisturized at all times.
4. Are there any special products for natural hair?If yes what are they?
Edidiong: ‎There are really no special products. You use what works for your hair. However, my hair loves olive oil, butters.
5. Would you advice a friend to go natural? And what would be your reasons?
Edidiong: Almost every women and girls around me are on natural so I motivate them to embrace their roots.
6. How does natural hair influence your style and personality?
Edidiong: ‎‎Positively, unique and beautiful.
7. How long have you been keeping it?
Edidiong: 2yrs and 6months.
8. Are there any health or hygiene hazards involved in growing natural hair
Edidiong: None that I know of
9. ‎What is the biggest challenge when it comes to keeping natural hair.
Edidiong: Detangling.
10. Your advice to people out there growing their natural hair
Edidiong: ‎‎Never comb your hair dry. Keep your hair moisturized and read more about how to maintain your natural hair

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